A million wet puppy kisses to Alex Ross for the Sequenza21 shout out in this week’s New Yorker.  We love you, too.

9 Responses to “Attention All Pontificators and Aspiring Rock Stars”
  1. David Salvage says:

    And I’m a wizened old fuddy-duddy compared with most of yuz.

  2. Sure, but don’t forget — 18 is the new 12.

  3. Steve Layton says:

    I have the emotional maturity of an 18-year-old; does that count?

  4. Fifty may be the new thirty, but I thought thirty was the old old.

  5. David – I think if Alex had yelled into a microphone, ‘Yo S21 I want you to WEAR IT OUT!’ I think I’d have to say yes, but since it was just a mention, no.

    Alex, blithering!

    Lawrence, babay… Fifty is the new thirty, man. Where you been?

  6. That’s blithe enough for me. But Jeff, Alex is praising the YOUNG composers on S21. That doesn’t include you and me.

    Still, a great, and fun, article — the puppy kisses are well deserved.

  7. Alex Ross says:

    Uh, blithe, OK, let’s see…. If Luciano Berio were alive today, he’d definitely be writing Sequenza XXI.

  8. David Salvage says:

    Hey Jeff — does this count as a real “shout out”? 😀

  9. We be da famous! Or something… thanks Alex! Now say something blithe.