Vienna born conductor and composer Peter Paul Fuchs died in Greensboro, North Carolina on March 28 aged 90. For an appreciation of his music by John McLaughlin Williams follow An Overgrown Path

One Response to “Peter Paul who?”
  1. Adrian McDONNELL says:

    Bravo to you, and to John McLaughlin Williams, for your article (April 3, 2007) on the music of composer/conductor Peter Paul Fuchs. Fuchs was my conducting teacher in the 1970’s and I was later his assistant conductor with the Greensboro Symphony and Greensboro Opera in the 1980’s.
    In addition to being an exceptionally guifted (but relatively unknown) composer, he was also a brilliant all around musical mind, a fine pianist and chamber musician, superbe vocal coach, a conductor of never failing technical standards and impeccable musical taste, as well as a devoted teacher and mentor.
    In your article you mention that you have no photos of Fuchs and that you would be happy to recieve one. I have forwarded your article to his widow who would be happy to send you one. She needs to know to whom and where exactly. She can be contacted at the fommowing address :
    Elissa Minet Fuchs
    appt 5203
    Friends Home West
    6100 West Friendly Avenue
    Greensboro, North Carolina 27401-4057

    Warmest regards,
    Adrian McDonnell
    Directeur artiqstique et chef d’orchestre
    Orchestre de la Cité Internationale
    17, boulevard Jourdan
    75014 Paris FRANCE