Yes, you read that right.  Two men got into a fistfight at the Boston Pops, which apparently knocked over chairs left one of them shirtless.  With the obvious caviat that we should use our words to resolve our differences and that violence is generally bad, this is great news for the classical world.  I wish it had been a regular BSO concert.

Conductor Kieth Lockhard apparently took the fracas in stride.  According to one audience member “he just stood there, you know, quiet.”

3 Responses to “Boston Pops Smackdown!”
  1. The fight apparently occurred during the performance of music from the movie “Gigi”. Seems one of the parties was talking too loudly.

    Does this qualify for “suffering for art”?

  2. Tom Myron says:

    Shoulda been their in Fiedler’s day, yo. I’ve seen plenty of guns in Boston (including one pointed at me & several offered for sale) but the only place I’ve ever had to literally dodge bullets was in front of Symphony Hall.

  3. One of the guys was probably talking all the way through the medley of tunes from The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. It had to be done, punches had to be thrown. It was justice.