No?  Well you should, and can, this Friday night, May 4, 8PM at the Robert Miller Gallery, 524 W. 26th Street, New York, NY on the second night of a three-day music/art festival called Look&Listen.  

Finally had a chance to meet up with Brian Sacawa after all these years for lunch at Ralph’s, a New York institution since 1952.  Got to regale him with tales of having seen Dexter and Stan and Jimmy and Zoot and Gerry doing that thing they did so well while they were still doing it.  I’ve reached the age where “I was there” has become a conversation capper–one of the few perks of being old. 

Brian is good people and one of the most dedicated players and champions of new music around.  Catch the show Friday and check out his new album called american voices on innova which features works by Michael Gordon, Lee Hyla, Erik Spangler, Chris Theofanidis, Derek Hurst, Keeril Makan and Philip Glass.  Street date is July 24 but you can get it from the web site now.  You can also get a free copy from me if you volunteer to write a review.   

One Response to “Have You Seen This Man?”
  1. Luke Nickel says:

    Hey – the album looks good. Drop me a line if you’re still looking for someone to review. I can’t promise amazing, but I can promise honest and a fresh opinion.