Performed by the Rubio String Quartet.  Photography by James Archambeault

8 Responses to “Beth Anderson’s Pennyroyal Swale 1 & 2”
  1. Daniel says:

    Yep, that’s my home. And you wonder why Kaintuck’ hasn’t produced more composers. I think Kentucky is a very artistic state. But ya’ll don’t start moving here and crowd up the joint. 🙂

  2. Bruno Basseto says:

    Beautiful places, beautiful photography, beautiful music. Everything put together. Excellent work! Beth is always so successful in her search for Beauty… thank you so much, Beth!

  3. L.F. Wheeler says:

    Beautiful music and videos, one can feel the water rippling through your fingers , and being soothed by the melodic rhythm of the violins. Yes, I keep them marked on my favorites to also calm me down on a busy day. I hope she writes more soon.

  4. Jerry Bowles says:

    Or, you can just click on the arrow and play them right here without going anywhere.

  5. Tiger Loup says:

    I watch these videos each day as a calming meditation. The Music and images re energize me. The Music is just so precise and lyrical.
    Reconnection to Nature Sound and Beauty is what this world sorely needs. Thank you to the artists who put this collabrative piece together.

  6. To view the videos, go to the YouTube homepage and type in Pennyroyal Swale or Beth Anderson.

    You can also go directly to the videos with these links:

    Pennyroyal Swale, Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H31YzXCq0Sg

    Pennyroyal Swale, Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfPcu_buWkg

  7. About $2000. I am so glad you like the videos. The photographer is the most famous photographer in Kentucky. He has a lot of beautiful books of his photos available on amazon and in stores. Kentucky certainly is a beautiful place.

  8. Jerry Bowles says:

    Touches my Appalachian roots, Beth. And a great example of how composers can use “social media” to promote their work. Curious to know how much it cost to produce (if you’re willing to share).