I’ve just finished a new piece called Elevator Music, which is intended to be performed by two people in an elevator or a similar enclosed, public space.  It consists of a set of 5 rhythmic cells which are played by slapping or knocking on the walls of the elevator.  The idea here is in the tradition of a sort of guerilla performance practice where music is brought into unexpected places, unannounced.


The premiere is up for grabs–let me know if you perform it somewhere.  Obviously, I can’t be held responsible for arrests or other legal action, and the point isn’t to be obnoxious, but rather unexpectedly interesting.  Have fun!

3 Responses to “Guerillaz”
  1. Elaine Fine says:

    Very clever! Imagine the “audience” reaction when the elevator stops, and the kind of concentration that the musicians would have to have in order to pull a performance of this piece off, given all the distractions of the performance space. And the “ding” when the elevator is called would add some interesting random rhythmic as well as harmonic counterpoint.

  2. No guarantees, but the file is downloaded and tucked away safely on a flash drive.

    I may actually be participating in a ‘street theatre’ thing with a percussion ensemble in the next couple of months.

    More info at: http://www.cleveland.com/sparx/