As many of you know, we also run a new music wiki here. It’s got lots of user-created content, links to very cool MP3 files through our Listening Room and a lot of lists of performers, and opportunities. Recently we’ve come under attack, not from SpamBots but from a new type of bot which seemingly means only to destroy wikis. We’re not the only one being attacked, but it has seemingly focussed a great deal of attention on our little homebrew music information site.

If you check out the Recent Changes you’ll see auto-generated usernames and very slight random text modifications to a bunch of articles, maybe your article. It’d be really cool if we could get the wiki cleaned up, but for that to happen, it’ll require a few more worker bees than me and David Toub. Please give it a look if you can and remove the random texts. They seem to only preface articles with obviously unreadable words.

And if you haven’t written an article about your favorite contemporary composer, performer and musical technique please add to our wonderful collection of articles. For those that don’t know, the wiki gets a lot of traffic. And please read the Getting Started page before you start writing. We insist that composer pages be not merely self-promoting, but informative. Thanks!!

3 Responses to “The Sequenza21 Wiki Needs Your Help”
  1. Thanks everette! That’s what it takes… just 10 minutes here and there… 🙂

  2. I was able to clean up about a dozen or so problem entries.

  3. david toub says:

    Thanks, Jeff. I’ve been monitoring the wiki changes through my RSS newsreader and responding to the attacks as quickly as possible (by reverting the changes and blocking the spammers), but they’ve gotten to the point where I just simply can’t keep up. So if others might also help police the site, that would be great.