We’ve spent a lot of time at S21, spotlighting various composers and their recordings that can be found online. But what about all that video hanging around out there, that you might otherwise never catch? So I thought I’d start a semi-regular post showing off some of the interesting stuff that’s caught my eye and ear.

First up is a reminder that Sarah Palin is not what all Alaska is about… Shawn Savageau is studying percussion at UA Fairbanks (not far from the grubstake of that other diametric-Palin-opposite, the composer John Luther Adams). He was forward-thinking enough to upload videos to YouTube, of his Junior percussion recital in February of this past year, as well as his work with the student ensemble 64.8 (the latitude of Fairbanks, get it?). There’s a tasty smorgasbord of works from the likes of John Cage, Henry Cowell, Toru Takemitsu, Keiko Abe, Steve Reich, Bill Cahn, Morton Feldman… But it doesn’t get more basic than in Temazcal by Mexican-born composer Javier Alvarez:


As you can see in the link above, Shawn’s own website currently is just FaceBook. If you’re on there, add him, poke him, buy him, or just tell him thanks and wish him the bright future I’m sure he’s going to have.

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  1. J.C. Combs says:

    Thanks for the links. Very nice video.