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If Alma Mahler Had Twittered

What are you doing? 

@alma   Wassup, Tweeps! G. conducting 2nd 2nite. Goes on 4ever. Stuck at home w/ Evl Sis. Boorrring.   about1 hour ago from web


@AlexZ Did u show him my score yet? Did he like it? How much did he like it? Loved it, I bet. about 59 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@gropius Tx, God, u’re there, A. We r in bg trble. Must speak 2 u urg. G. has been talking about us 2 nut case Freud. It’ll be all ovr Vienna. about 59 minutes ago from TweetBerry

@alma OMG. I thought u were the only one G. didn’t know abt already. about 58 minutes ago from web

@ AlexZ Which part didn’t he like? I can re-write it. Always happy 2 do a re-write. about 57 minutes hour ago from TweetDeck

@gropius Crazy bastard said I had an edifice complex. Thinks he’s Woody Allen. about 55 minutes ago from TweetBerry

@ AlexZ I’ll bet it was the 2nd movmnt. Was it the 2nd movmnt? about 55 minutes hour ago from TweetDeck

@alma WTF? Gustav said what about an edifice? about 54 minutes hour ago from web

@gropius No, no, tweetkin. Freud said it. Thinks he’s a comedian. Use 2 work the Salzkammerguts in the summers before he stumbled in2 the psychobabble racket. about 52 minutes hour ago from TweetBerry

@werfel Does he know about me? about 50 minutes hour ago from web

@klimt Thought u were going 2 get the sister fired. Did you tell him she steals like I suggested? about 49 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@ AlexZ Maybe that little coda at the 2 minute mark? I knew that was weak. I was planning 2 re-write that part this evening. Going 2 start on it now. about 48 minutes hour ago from TweetDeck

@alma B cool @gropius. G. sleeps most of the time when he’s not conducting or working on his 6th Poor man, so tired I have 2 keep reminding him 2 put the Scherzo before the Andante. Maybe he won’t hear anything and I can bribe Evl Sis not 2 rat. about 45 minutes hour ago from web

@alma Aside 2 @werfel It’s ok, tweetheart. I havn’t met u yet. (And don’t tell @gropius) about 44 minutes hour ago from web

@klimt Put some of ur jewels in her purse and confront her in front of G. when she goes out. about 43 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@gropius Might work. If he asks about me, tell him I’ve been away in Weimar most of the time starting a new school…the Bauhaus or something like that. about 42 minutes ago from TweetBerry

@AlexZ I knew it. He hated it, didn’t he? You can tell me. I can take it. about 40 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@klimt BTW, Adele  has a cold. Can you pose for me on Thursday? You can leave your clothes on this time. LOL. about 43 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@alma Oops. Evl Sis is coming up the stairs. Gotta scurry. Tweeting out. about 40 minutes ago from web

@ AlexZ Wait. Can I drop off my new sonata 2morrow morning? about 40 minutes ago from TweetDeck


Comment from Christian
Time: January 14, 2009, 1:03 pm

This is VERY funny.

Comment from David Salvage
Time: January 14, 2009, 4:38 pm

Bravo–from someone who has never twittered.

Comment from Sparky P.
Time: January 15, 2009, 12:35 am

And seeing far into the future, predicting the Woodman…