Hilary Hahn
Hahn. Hilary Hahn. The violin superstar is about to premiere a new work by Jennifer Higdon tomorrow (Friday) night, attend the Grammy Awards this Sunday with two chances to win for Best Classical Album and Best Instrumental Performance with Orchestra, and then go on a recital tour playing Ives and Ysaye. She took out a few minutes to talk about the new piece and about the Grammys.
Part 1 (having a piece tailor made for her)
Part 2 (attending the Grammy Awards)
She has also just updated her YouTube Channel with Schoenberg’s grandson Randy:
She mentioned that she’ll interview Higdon on her website, will perform at the Grammy Awards preshow and can be seen online, and if you haven’t seen it, her violin case twitters!

4 Responses to “Grammys, Schoenberg, Higdon with Hahn”
  1. John Keillor says:

    Her Schoenberg disc was my favorite of 2008. Congrats to the judges for getting it right.

  2. suela says:

    she’s a most wonderful violinist!!

  3. Wolfgang says:

    Amazing CD!

  4. jamescombs says:

    She’s cute, who is she?