Can an absolute beginner, someone who has never played the piano before or read a note of music, learn to play Debussy’s masterpiece “Clair de lune” completely from scratch? Our amigo Hugh Sung thinks so and he’s posting daily 5-9 minute video lessons and responding to feedback from participants via YouTube’s comment and video response features, as well as the Adult Beginners discussion forum at Details about the project here.

2 Responses to “Learn to Play ‘Clair du Lune’ from Scratch on YouTube”
  1. Jerry Bowles says:

    Here’s an instructional video I found especially useful called How to Find Music You Like (sort of work safe)

  2. jcombs says:

    Kudos to Hugh for giving lessons. I don’t see why anyone couldn’t learn to play apiece with proper instruction and, if anything, having it on video makes it more useful in pausing and playback. Have a question, post it in the comments.

    BTW: People are giving lessons for quite a variety of things. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could learn to tune a piano or repair a refrigerator on Youtube. Regarding piano lessons, there are quite a bit of in-depth technical courses as well.