If you haven’t checked out Chamber Musician Today, the latest, greatest (and only) new addition to the Sequenza21 family, you’re missing some really good stuff. Some very talented people have signed up already and have added their blogs to the daily content flow and it’s starting to look like a web community for musicians and composers with real potential. If you were to run over there right now, for example, you could read a report from the Native American Composers Apprentice Project in Moab, Utah from Ralph Farris, violist of the terrific contemporary string quartet Ethel or a post by Matt Albert of eighth blackbird about how we all know the Italian words but just how loud is loud anyway? You could check out cellist Emily Wright piece about things that can, and do, go wrong during auditions or Chris Foley’s definitive post on how to build and maintain a repertoire list. For the more spiritually minded, there is a a piece by violinist Marjorie Kransberg-Talvi on how the world needs more conductors with bigger souls and less hair and a meditation of the hidden meaning of the low “A” by oboist Alison Lowell.   And that’s not to mention some inside dope on composing from Steve Reich and a wonderful meditation on sound by Jeffrey Agrell, University of Iowa prof and horn man extraordinaire.

Come on over, sign up (the green box at the top of the right sidebar), comment, post something, review a CD, add your blog.  It’s fairly straightforward but the “Help” section is helpful and if you need extra attention, send me an e-mail.

One Response to “The Best New Music Website in Town”
  1. Am loving “Chamber Music Today”, especially Kransberg-Talvi’s recent piece (I even commented). Looking forward to conducting some Octets and a Dectet in NYC in Jan – without too much hair, flamboyance or showmanship. It’s just not my style!