Summer ad Parnassum (1:1 Phrygian)

This cantus is tricky. The octave leap in the middle, while great for the melody, makes for some real troubles in the counterpoint.

1:1 Above Cantus

What I like: I like the shape. I also like that you never get more than 2 of the same interval in a row. This counterpoint seems independent of the original melody.

What I don’t like: The repeated pitches. I’ve got 2 Es, 2Fs and 2 Cs in close proximity to each other. It makes the counterpoint feel “stuck” to me. Also, both voices leaping in similar motion at measure 6 seems disjointed.

1:1 Below Cantus

What I like: The variety of interval content and the fact that I found a solution to the octave leap that didn’t involve voice crossing (even though Fux is totally okay with voice crossings!).

What I don’t like: Lots of leaps in the counterpoint. I feel like this one is much more disjunct. Most of the leaps were done to avoid/solve problems but some of them, like the leap to G in measure 8, seem like isolated blips without lyrical continuity. And while I arrive at the 12 in measure 6 through contrary motion, I’m not a huge fan of both voices leaping at that moment.

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