I don’t know what your plans are this weekend but if you are in NYC on Sunday (and I suspect several of you are) then you might want to check out this concert. Vox Novus puts on a lot of new music things and this weekend their “Composer’s Voice” concert is featuring an organization of which I am a part: Electronic Music Midwest.

Don’t let the whole “midwest” thing fool you. The festival just happens in the Midwest (either Kansas City or Chicago areas) and EMM is a festival that features national and international artists who make cool electroacoustic music. On Sunday’s concert, the board of EMM will be in town and we are all having pieces done at Jan Hus Church. Two of my pieces from the podcasting days will be done, including Ludwig Van Halen, and you’ll get a heck of a lot of stylistic diversity from the 6 of us.

Also, since we’ll all be in town for the concert (and some other business that needs doing), it would be awesome to turn this into a meet-up! So many of you S21 folks I only know virtually. It would be great to meet IRL and hang out, talk, consume beer or other beverages, etc. If you can be there, please come!

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    And pornography! Don’t forget to mention the pornography! Of Unfettered Optimism!

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