Guilty pleasure

A.C. Newman
Get Guilty
Matador CD
Artist website

Tunes: some composers – Mozart, Schubert, Berlin, Gershwin, McCartney, Wilson, Pollard – grace us with them abundantly. They may make it sound easy, but the artists above (and, of course, several others) are a rare breed; they seem to be able to capture the perpetually memorable in a single melodic gesture. A.C. Newman, whose day-job is with power-pop super group the New Pornographers, is another of these elegant tunesmiths. Whether his songwriting is in service of group projects with the aforementioned band-mates or for solo work, it is nearly always immediately striking and eminently durable fare.
His latest for Matador, Get Guilty, is a case in point. Song after song, the tunes keep coming, buoying three and four minute marvels – “There are Maybe Ten or Twelve,” “Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer,” and “Submarines of Stockholm,” to name a few – with a graceful exuberance.

A.C. Newman photgraphed by Caleb Beyers

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