I’m off tomorrow for my second visit to Salt Lake City in as many months.  This time the Salt Lake Symphony, conducted by Sergio Bernal, will perform Figments and Fragments, Part One of the Schumann Trilogy.  It will be nice to catch up with some of the new friends I made in September, and to hear the third performance of this piece in six months.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the long hiatus between the fourth and fifth performance of my fifth quartet, which enabled me to do some picayune revisions.  The same thing has happened with this piece: the last performance was on May 9th.  There was a timbre introduced at the outset – a blend of piano, vibe, clarinet, flutes and muted violins – that recurs at various points throughout the piece.  In performance, I felt that those recurrences weren’t clear enough – they were getting buried in all of the information surrounding them – so I expanded and developed them a bit over the summer.  I think this version will make a bit more sense.

I’ll be giving a preconcert lecture as a guest of the Utah Humanities Council in which I will be talking about this piece and Schumann’s First Symphony, which is also on the program.  I spent a few weeks in close quarters with Schumann’s First about thirty years ago, and I haven’t looked at it since.  At least not until this week, when I’ve been boning up in preparation.  Much more there than I remembered.

So if you are in Salt Lake City Saturday night, come by Libby Gardner Hall at 6:30 to hear me talk about Bobby Cobbler and me.  Better yet, come at 7:30 – the music says more than I ever could.

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