When I was a young man, Trivial Pursuit was the New Hot Thing everyone was doing.  I played a few times, and enjoyed myself in the somewhat limited way I have of enjoying games.  Mostly, though, I felt depressed by the idea that a generation of brain cells was clustering, like mindless moths, around such a dim bulb.  Worst of all was the name – trivial pursuit, for god’s sake – which proudly trumpeted its worthlessness.

The world has changed drastically since then, and yet I find myself having the same reaction these days to Twitter: like we are all devoting far too much time to a medium that mocks our deepest aspirations, both through the way it functions and – for god’s sake again – its name.

Please understand, this is not a rant against technology, or new things, or anything like that. This is a rant against the things that are always with us, the things that one generation invents and the next generation mocks, the sirens that eat away at our attention, the mental junk food we can’t put down though we know we are just getting fatter and lazier.

I know, I know, it’s a waste of energy to fight it, and I’m not cut out to be a fighter anyway.

I just like to remind myself to enjoy what’s at hand in moderation — and then put the damn things down.

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