Our last senior recital of the year is coming up this Sunday afternoon, and it looks like a doozy.  Alicia Willard, in addition to being an excellent pianist and percussionist, is showcasing her compositions for us.  Alicia has been a wonderful student over the last four years, and her music comfortably traverses a broad range of expression, from cozily intimate to delightfully demented.  A persistent theme throughout her work is the intersection of music and poetry, sometimes as song, more often as artistic commentary, a conversation between music and word that transcends performance.  This Sunday’s program features a percussion ensemble piece called Spool (a nifty reverse on another composition called Loops), a mixed quintet called February, Nine Impressions for violin and piano, Periwinkle for mezzo and piano, and a final, rather terrifying piece for piano and percussion called Ballad of the Ill.  She’s lined up an impressive group of performers (including herself) to champion her work – should be a wonderful afternoon.

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