I had a dream last night I was contacting ICM, one of the top artist management firms, and the logo on their website said, “Less Entertainment — More Fun.” And I thought, Yes, that’s what I need.Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link in the website, I woke up — and the world was as it is.

But the idea of seeking Fun as opposed to Entertainment stayed with me.

A lot of what I’m told is entertaining – Hollywood blockbusters, elimination games, red-carpet interviews – I find terribly dull. But the slow movement of the Debussy quartet that Mirò Quartet played the other night as an encore? Sheer Fun.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a diatribe about Art vs. Entertainment. Those are two overlapping regions on the same continuum; it’s often difficult – and pointless – to distinguish between them.

But just as there is much Art that doesn’t live up to its lofty billing, there is a ton of Entertainment that only makes the world a more disspiriting place to live in.

And neither Art nor Entertainment has a monopoly on Fun.

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