Greetings from Roanoke Island Festival Park on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the site of the eighth annual illuminations festival. We’re giving 66 performances in the next 40 days — solo recitals, chamber music, percussion ensemble, brass ensemble, jazz, orchestra, Shakespeare, ballet, contemporary dance and film. Most performances are taking place in the outdoor theater at Festival Park, but some of the more intimate ones will take place in the park’s Art Gallery and in the Elizabethan Gardens.

Guitarist Genevieve Leitner
(While Wiki holds sway at S21, I’m not participating, because I’m on dialup out here. But thanks, whoever it was, for putting up a Wiki page about me.)

This afternoon we had music by Brouwer, Pernambuco, Mertz, Andres, Bach and Stravinsky.

Art galleries encourage focused listening; blindfolds are optional

There are still a number of aspects I have to pull together in the coming week to get the rest of the summer rolling smoothly. I’ll try to check in, as long as the phones still work.

Denis Plutalov performs Agosti’s arrangement of Stravinsky’s “Firebird”

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