Last post was called Pruning the List, but I feel like I’m pruning a butterfly bush: new blossoms are coming hard and fast.

Some great suggestions have brought the list up to 148 — far beyond what I initially asked for, but part of the interest in this kind of joint project is the fact that you can’t predict the outcome.

The new suggestions bring the total of pieces I’ve heard up to 49, so I’m still at 1/3. Which only confirms the point I’ve made before that this is not my list, it’s ours.

If you haven’t checked in awhile, take a look at some of the recent comments on the list below: I think you will find some of great interest.

Meanwhile, we have a student composers concert here tonight, so I’m a busy, busy boy. They (the students) are nervous, but if they only knew how terrified I am for them…

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