Some wonderful performances to look forward to, but a brutal travel itinerary this weekend. Over the course of three days, I’ll be boarding a plane on an average of every eight hours.

Part one: a two-day residency in Odessa and Midland Texas, where the Cassatt Quartet will be premiering my Blossom, a triple string quartet, with two local high school quartets on Saturday.

Part two: a visit with old friend and long-time accomplice Bob Yekovich in Houston.

Part three: an all-Dillon concert at the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. This one comes courtesy of violinist Danielle Belen – she’ll be playing six of my works with pianist David Fung and violist Juan Miguel Hernandez. I think the audience will be required to show a special geek ID in order to gain entrance – I’m pretty sure the definition of “geek” includes a clause about attending concert of my music during the Super Bowl.

Sixty-four hours, eight flights. As enthusiastic as I am about all of these wonderful musicians playing my music, I’m a bit of a travel-wimp. I’ll probably be screaming in psychic exhaustion as I listen to the eighth flight attendant explain how to buckle a seatbelt.

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