I reported here a few months ago that my CD of violin music wouldn’t be released by Naxos until 2011.  I’ve just had the good news that it will be out next spring in digital format, with the disk following a year later.

So now I’m busy finalizing the liner notes.  These pieces from the last twenty-five years are like specters come to haunt me anew.  Wish I had the confidence to ask someone else to write about them for me.  Unfortunately, although I know a good many writers who are more gifted than I am, I’m a bit of a control-freak when it comes to how my music is presented.  So I’m furiously punching away at the laptop keys, hoping the sheer force I put into each keystroke will knock some helpful insights from my calcified cranium.

Seems like they are just jarring loose some kidney stones so far.

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