Glad to read Frank Oteri’s interview with Roger Reynoldsroger in this month’s newmusicbox.  I was a big fan of Reynolds in the late 1970s.  Directed/conducted several performances of his 1960s musico-theater piece The Emperor of Ice Cream.  Spent outrageous numbers of hours listening to my recordings of Ping, Traces and Quick Are the Mouths of Earth. Read his first book, Mind Models, twice as a teenager, back to back.

Then I moved to New York (from Connecticut) and learned the lesson that many young composers learn there – that nothing outside the five boroughs mattered anymore.  Reynolds was not a presence on the NYC scene, and I quickly lost touch with his work.

Probably just as well.  It was around that time that I began to realize that spatial music didn’t have much resonance for me – no pun intended – and spatial deployment had been an ongoing concern in Reynolds’ work.  It was a good time for me to discover other influences.

But I’ve never stopped admiring RR’s intelligence and imagination.  Good to be reminded of how much that meant to me in those formative years.

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