Time to start trimming my nose hairs again.

That’s just the beginning.  There’s a bunch of habits I’m going to have to relearn now that my sabbatical has ended.  No more can I just throw on whatever clothes are closest at hand every morning when I get up.

Time to start looking like someone you might want to trust with another person’s education.

I had a long list of things I wanted to focus on during this sabbatical, but personal hygiene wasn’t one of them.  I was more concerned with spending every available second in my studio, drilling away at the bedrock in which four intractable compositions lay.

Now I have a shift in focus coming.  Fortunately, I have a holiday up next, to ease the transition from sabbatical to Job with a capital J.

Come January, I’ll probably stumble a few times over the unfamiliar rhythms of teaching, make my share of faux pas at faculty meetings, and get my car ticketed for parking in newly forbidden locations.  But it will be great to see my students and my colleagues again, and to find out what they’ve all been up to in my absence.

Now where did I put those nail clippers?

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