My eyes have always been an asset, in that I’ve always had atrocious eyesight, which enables me to avoid seeing impediments that might make me hesitate where hesitation is pointless.

When I travel, which I’m doing a lot this month, I have a long checklist of vision-enhancements to make sure I’ve packed.

  • Glasses – dorky, but effective.
  • Contacts – much better, but they make my eyes green and gummy after a few hours.
  • Reading glasses – for use with contacts for – you guessed it -  reading.
  • Clip-ons – for use with glasses, to screen from the sun.
  • Sunglasses – for use with contacts, to screen from the sun.
  • Contact lens solution – for clearing out the green gum.
  • Contact lens case – for storing the gumfree lenses.
  • Cleaning cloth – for wiping the glasses that somehow seem to get fifty fingerprints an hour on them.
  • Glasses case – for storing the glasses when I’m wearing the contacts.
  • Sunglasses case – for storing the sunglasses when I’m indoors.
  • Clip-ons case – for storing the clip-ons when I’m indoors.

Despite the checklist, I always seem to leave something at home.  As I sit here awaiting my next departure flight, I’m going through the list once more, wondering what I have forgotten to pack.

Wait –  I think I left out the socks!

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