From the Amazon web page:

“Rattle conducts the work as if he really does believe, albeit a little misguidedly, that this is one of the best British operas of the last few decades and the orchestral playing is phenomenal throughout.”

Feast your eyes, for here, in a single sentence, is a stellar display of all that is loathsome in music journalism. Condescending, presumptuous, smugly backhanded and purpose-built to support a “Who, me?” defense from its author in the face of objection. Where do they teach this stuff?

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  1. christian says:


    What ticks me off is how often I’ve been taken to task for NOT snarking more. I always respond that there are plenty of other critics who will fulfil that ‘need’ for you. I’m more interested in getting a positive discussion, or at least a constructive one, about the MUSIC going. We live in strange times Tom.


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