Mp3 Blog #67: Georg Friedrich Haas

Georg Friedrich Haas:
“Hommage à Ligeti” (1985)
For two pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart
Performed by Marino Formenti

Available on this compact disc from Col Legno

String Quartet #1 (1997)
Performed by the Kairos Quartet

Available on compact disc through Edition Zeitklang

* * * * *

…I am constantly asking myself what right I have to withdraw into my quiet little house to compose and put the the finishing touches to musical material on exclusively musical criteria, attuning myself to finely nuanced moods and to ever more finely differentiated overtones, steeping myself in sounds and tonal structures, while all around me things are happening which are different in scale yet not in principle from what has been happening in, for example, Bosnia or Rwanda. The discrepancy between my sound-world and my despair over the realities of the world, over which I have no control, disturbs me deeply.

-Georg Friedrich Haas (from the notes to his opera “Night”)

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