Mp3 Blog #57: De Natura Sonorum

Bernard Parmegiani:
De Natura Sonorum (2nd Series) (1975)
Natures ephemeres
Matieres induites
Ondes croisees
Pliens et delies
Points contre champs
Musique concréte

This and much more Parmegiani is available from Forced Exposure

* * * * *

As I watched the heavy snow storm blow its silent sparkling and swirling patterns on and over Montréal I was reminded of this work by Bernard Parmegiani.

Two years ago, during the last Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques, I first Bernard Parmegiani when he diffused his music live in the second half of a concert that also featured François Bayle. It had also been a long and cold day and just beforehand I had fallen asleep at a concert for the first time in a number of years during a performance of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony. During the first half of the second concert my mind finally woke up while listening to Bayle’s subtle and clear transformations of acoustic sounds, but the real highlight was when Parmegiani started at midnight with sonic compositions that seemed to dig much deeper into the intimate and almost silent inner nature of sound.

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