Mp3 Blog #38: Mauro Lanza

Mauro Lanza:
”Erba nera che cresci segno nero tu vivi” (1999-2000)
For Soprano and synthesized sounds

Performed by Donatienne Michel-Dansac

”Aschenblume” (2001)
For nine instruments

Performed by Ensemble Court-Circuit

Both recordings are not available commercially

* * * * *

Although Italian composer Mauro Lanza is one of the better living computer music wizards he writes very imaginative, natural, and – fitting to his personality – quirky music. For example, he has written two compositions (“Barocco” and “Mare”) which use toy instruments and his composition “Burger Time” for tuba (?!) and live electronics mostly uses sounds from the old arcade game ”Burger Time” (click on the link to play the game).

Mauro Lanza has worked and performed research at IRCAM ever since he participated in the 1999 Cursus programme. While there he has worked extensively on developing the acoustic modeling (a technique to create the sounds of imaginary instruments) programme Modalys – which he used to completely generate all stunning the electronic sounds in “Erba nera che cresci segno nero tu vivi.” In other compositions, such as “Aschenblume” (literally translated from German as “Ash Flower”) he also uses the generated spectra from these imaginary instruments to generate his own harmonic worlds.

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