Mp3 Blog # 96: “Crois-tu en l’immortalité de l’âme?”

Claude Vivier:
“Trois airs pour un opéra imaginaire” (1982)
For Soprano and Ensemble

Performed by Ingrid Schmithüsen and the Société du musique contemporaine du Québec

Available on this album at emusic

“Crois-tu en l’immortalité de l’âme?” (incomplete 1983)

Performers unknown

Live performance on this DVD

* * * * *

“…I pursued my work with a kind of marvellous serenity. I compose more slowly as I have more and more notes of my music to write! I have just completed the first six minutes of Croix-tu en l’immortalité de l’âme? I am almost doing ‘Dripping’! The whole piece uses two poles: mobility and immobility! Here is a text which I sue in an immobile part:
I was cold, it was winter
well I thought I was cold
maybe I was cold.
God had told me that I would be cold.
Maybe I was dead.

I was not afraid of being dead
as much as I was afraid of dying.
Suddenly I got cold
very cold – or I was cold.
It was night and I was afraid.
I believe that it is a beautiful text for the work I am now composing…”

Excerpt from a letter to Thérèse Desjardins by Claude Vivier, Paris, January 7th, 1983

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