Mp3 Blog #24: “…I sleep in the kitchen with my feet in the hall…”

Bob Dylan:
”One Too Many Mornings”
Available on Hard Rain

”Can’t Wait”
Available on Time Out of Mind

”High Water”
Available on ”Love & Theft”

”Po’ Boy”
Available on ”Love & Theft”

”Workingman’s Blues #2”
Available on Modern Times

”Nettie Moore”
Available on Modern Times

* * * * *

Admittedly, it’s taken me a long time to figure how what to include and write for the final part in my “trilogy” of Bob Dylan mp3 mixes. I wanted to make them in a chronological order, but after exhausting the 60’s through the mid 70’s, I had the most trouble choosing material from the last thirty years. Personally, I prefer to keep Bob Dylan as the changing enigma he has often sought to put forward and because of this, I continue to ignore a large portion of his material between Slow Train Coming and Oh Mercy. In my opinion, he has only really come into his own again on his last three albums Time Out of Mind, ”Love & Theft”, and Modern Times. So, as a result, for this last Bob Dylan mp3 mix I decided to just include my favorite version of a perennial favorite – “One Too Many Mornings” – and selections from his last three albums.

At this point, I’m hesitant to say anything about the music or lyrics that Bob Dylan has been writing lately. When I first got into Bob Dylan about ten years ago, his current image and music was a joke in many minds including mine. Back then I couldn’t conceived the easy transformation he’s undergone – from hollow shell of the singer and song-writer he used to be to the living undying culmination of his influences and constantly shifting self.

Oh yee, of little faith…

I think that in his last three albums – and more particularly ”Love & Theft” and Modern Times – Bob Dylan’s songs (in large help to recording with what he calls “the best band I’ve been in”) have become as natural and, arguably, as simply inevitable, as the best material he’s ever done. Oh yeah, and dig the fine bluesman’s voice that he’s developed

Okay now, for the time being I’ve got nothing more to write about Bob Dylan.

I already told ya, I won’t tell ya again.

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