Daniel Wolf, who hangs around these parts from time to time, has written a terrific piece about our resident tech adviser Jeff Harrington who, in addition to knowing how to do a 301 redirect, is also a composer of some talent. Daniel applauds Jeff for being the first composer to put all of his bets on the web rather than the traditional ways composers try to get their works heard.

Daniel also has some nice things to say about Jeff’s work. Check it out.

And while we’re praising Jeff, now might be a good time to thank him for all he does to keep S21 up and running as our official, if unpaid, webmaster.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Hear it for Jeff Harrington”
  1. What mystery, Alex? As far as I could see, it was just the “airbrush” tool in Photoshop or similar, set to full density and clicked on a couple times while wiggling the mouse around… Duchamp taught us long ago that sometimes that’s all it takes.

  2. Congrats on a beautiful looking site, guys. I also do my blog on WordPress; I love WP’s clean coding and design.

    Alas, now each time I log on to S21, I shall no longer be greeted with the logo’s Red Blob and wonder that most endlessly fascinating question, “what is the meaning of the red blob?” It shall forever remain a secret of blogging past. Sigh.

    Technology, blogs and blobs march on.

  3. I am rather proud of myself for making the photomontage in PhotoShop using my own little snapshots. I was born about 40 years too early.

  4. I agree—very nice so far. Glad you and Jeff made up 8-).

    What I’d suggest moving forward is to include a link to the S21 concert as previous, and I’ll probably think of some more things shortly. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Jerry! (And Daniel – who\’s a frequent poster visitor here).

    I would like to say though, absolutely for the record that I do almost NO work here. Jerry Bowles does 99.99% of everything and what he has done to the new site is just incredible. All I did was massage a few Apache config files.

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