Tomorrow would have been John Cage’s 95th birthday and to mark the occasion, Avant Media Performance is staging two multimedia realizations of works by Cage at the The Kitchen,  512 West 19th St. beginning at 8.

Four6 (for any way of producing sounds) will be performed in an electro-acoustic realization featuring Patrick Davison, video; Randy Gibson, electronics and percussion; Mike Rugnetta, guitar; and Megan Schubert, voice. The second half of the concert promises to be a real hootenanny with Winter Music, Atlas Eclipticalis, and Song Books realized for singers, actors, videos, and lighting being performed simultaneously. Randy Gibson’s “One Wall – for John Cage” will be also be premiered, assisted by Mike Rugnetta and Guy Snover.

To really make it a special day, Frank Oteri and I are going to be live (or as live as it is possible to be having gotten up at 5 o’clock) on Marvin Rosen’s Classical Discoveries program tomorrow morning in Princeton from around 8:30 am to 11   Don’t know what Frank has planned but I’m hoping to get Marvin to play as much music from the S21 concert last year as we can squeeze in.   If you’re awake and in the mood, you can listen in on the Internets.  I will playing the pieces in the order that I enjoyed them so if you want to see who Daddy likes best you’ll have to tune in. 

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