Looks like Washington Post music critic Tim Page got himself into a heap of trouble for referring to crack addict Marion Berry as a “crack addict” in an e-mail message.

6 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Kiss Some Ass”
  1. Perhaps he should have just said that Marion Berry was a fan of stimulating baking soda based products.

  2. Galen, thanks for the full text. Even funnier than I imagined. I was trying to think of a way to get off someone’s listserv by using the phrase “crack addict” in my request.

  3. I like how all the other insults in the email are okay, just don’t call him a crack addict.

    Accuse him of political grandstanding, fine. Call him useless, okay! Tell him that you have zero interest in him at all, fine. Mention that he had a problem with crack and THAT is too much!

    People are funny.

  4. Here’s the text of the offending e-mail: “Must we hear about it every time this crack addict attempts to rehabilitate himself with some new — and typically half-witted — political grandstanding? I’d be grateful if you would take me off your mailing list. I cannot think of anything the useless Marion Barry could do that would interest me in the slightest, up to and including overdose.”

    Notorious crack addict Marion Barry kept it classy and played the race card, claiming that the message was especially problematic at a time when “around the nation, it’s almost open season on black people.”

    And yes, Barry has a history with crack and other drugs, most recently testing positive for cocaine in 2006 during a mandatory drug screening associated with his guilty plea on tax charges.

    So the Washington Post apparently doesn’t want its reporters to make statements of fact if they happen to be inconvenient. In other news, Dog Bites Man.

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