Dear Jerry,

You are cordially invited to a program featuring the music of Pat
as performed by the erstwhile and talented members of Anti-Social Music. The gala shall be held at the Ukrainian National Home at 2nd Ave between 8th & 9th streets on December the Thirteenth, where the finest beers and vodkas will be available to soothe the savage humours stirred by the oft-acrid tones emanating from the stage. Also available: pierogies and other Ukrainian delicacies–some of which may be forcibly shoved down the gullets of less attentive patrons.

A number of works excreted by Muchmore’s fecund mind will be played, all of which sport titles that are either incomprehensible, not fit to be uttered in polite society, or both. The fine musicians of ASM will then venture into the studio to record these works for an upcoming release on laser-etched binary Audio-Disk, courtesy of the fine folks at the American Music Center and their wondrous Aaron Copland Fund.

Other cool people involved in making this night of pleasure happen include The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, NYSCA, and the Meet the Composer/JPMorgan Chase Fund for Small Ensembles.

Andrea La Rose
Anti-Social Music

Anti-Social Music Presents:
Muchmore Music–Muchmore Pierogies
Thursday, Dec. 13th – 8PM
Ukrainian National Home ( 140 2nd Avenue bet. 8th & 9th Sts)
6 to Astor Place/R-W to 8th St/F-V to 2nd Ave/L to 1st or 3rd Ave

4 thoughts on “Sounds Postitively…Anti-Social”
  1. plus, there’s a contest:

    “¡¡Special Contest!!
    The first attendee to correctly identify the advanced serial technique employed during some sections of al-gharaniq II:}{:Fracture IV will have a bowl of borscht personally purchased for them by Muchmore himself. He will then proceed to eat most of it in front of them as they heatedly discuss the degree to which they’ve both wasted their lives.”

  2. A night of eastern european culinary delights, legal drugs approved by our government, and disjointed modern music???? Sounds like a great night out! I will try to make this.

  3. A contemporary music gig where they’ve got pierogi? You can’t even get one of those here in Parma, Ohio and there are half a dozen onion dome churches within minutes.

    Damn, I’m impressed. Maybe I do want to live in the center of the universe.

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