“Deze naam zegt jullie allicht niks, Marco Antonio woont nu nog in Gent, maar verhuist binnenkort naar Deinze. Als solist voor kamer- en orkestmuziek heeft Marco Mazzini internationaal opgetreden in volgende toonaangevende plaatsen : Carnegie Hall (New York), Tama Center (Tokyo), Paleis voor Schone Kunsten (Brussel), Bijloke concertzaal (België) en in het Conservatorium van Parijs.”

Terrific article about our amigo Marco Antonio Mazzini in Deinzeonline.  Alas, it appears to be in a foreign language but the pictures are nice and the video is splendid:


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  1. Thanks Jerry and Sequenza21 for considering me again! I love shadowing and couldn’t resist to share it on the internet.
    I should add that the music you will hear is from composer HyeKyung Lee – a great musician and a very creative composer:


    I was very happy she made this adaptation for me to make this video – and I’m glad to hear you like it Jerry!!

    Muchas gracias por tu apoyo!

  2. Here’s my very quick and dirty translation:

    Marc Antonio now lives in Gent, but will soon move to Deinze (small town southwest of Gent, in Belgium). He performed at Carnegie Hall, etc.

    Marco made his debut as soloist with the Lima Philharmonic under the baton of Miguel Harth-Bedoya. He participated in several music festivals including International Clarinet Festivals etc. In 2005, he represents Peru for the first time at the World Clarinet Festival in Tokyo.

    In Europe, he worked with composer and musicians such as Rzewski, Brossé, Smolka etc. Marco Mazzini is focused on performing and promoting new music. As one of the founders of the Thelema Trio, he plays a great variety of chamber music including bas and contrabass clarinet.

    As first clarinet of the Ostrava International Orchestra in the Czech Republic, he plays works of composers such as Stockhausen, Xenakis, Ligeti, Nono and Cage.

    In 2006, Marco Mazzine founded Duo Dicto, a clarinet piano duo. That gives him the chance to perform works of the most controversial living Latin-American composers, from tonal pieces for clarinet and piano to solo pieces for contrabass clarinet and electronics. His most recent music projects are the Kinsa Trio, a young ensemble devoted to Peruvian music from the beginning of the 20th century, and the International Rok Clarinet Quartet. He is a BG France and Gonzales Reeds artist since 2005.

    You can see the Thelema Trio on February 17 in Deinze at the music academy (free entrance).

    Thelema Trio is an extraordinary ensemble that does not know limitations in music. They go beyond their classical training, which made them a voice for contemporary composers. Through working with avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and folk music, the ensemble is open for any new challenge. The three musicians want to keep expanding their technical and musical abilities.

    Thelema Trio consists of ex-students of the Gent Conservatory, where they studied chamber music with Marcel Lequex, Filip Rathé and John Whitelaw. The ensemble performs since March 2003. In that month they won the third prce in the Bi-annual Chamber Music Competition of the Rotary Club in Gent. They have toured throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. In August 2004, they performed a concert in Citta Della Piece in Italy, by invitation of the composer Luca Vanneschi, who wrote a work for them.

    In the Fall of 2004, they toured along the west coast of Peru. The University of San Marcos in Lima invited them for concerts, master classes and lectures in Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa and Chiclajo. They worked with local musicians and composers.

    In July 2005, they played a concert at the International Clarinet Festival in Tama, Tokyo. After that, they extensively toured in the US, where they were invited by the American Society of Composers to play American and Belgian works. The program varied from contemporary compositions to jazz.

    In 2003, they started a program with traditional Peruvian and Latin-American music, arranged by clarinetist Marco. This music was recorded on a demo-CD in 2004 under the title Peruvian Music. In May 2003, a promotional CD was recorded at the Rode Pomp in Gent. This recording was followed by a Live Performance demo-CD in January 2005.

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