From the Ojai Music Festival blog comes word of the latest twist on an old scam:

We can’t really believe that this is happening. Last week, someone started calling the offices claiming to be Steven Mackey – the great American composer, and featured performer on the 2009 OMF lineup. His story was pretty complicated, but the gist of it was this: poor fellow got stuck in Jamacia over spring break, and now needs our producer to wire him money to get home. Our producer works remotely for most of the year, so after speaking with “Steven,” we called her. She was occupied, so she asked us to call Steven ourselves, and we found him, sitting rather undramatically in the dentist’s office. Just yesterday, the scammer tried calling again. Turns out he couldn’t tell us anything about his world premiere composition that he’ll be performing here in June… 

One thought on “Well, that’s certainly a new one!”
  1. Did the guy mention the $21 million sitting unclaimed in the Nigerian bank account?

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