Necessity being the mother that it is, it’s always intriguing to find folks within the new music community who see a need and break out the grindstone. Here’s two examples of online entrepreneurs who have created their own niche markets:


The brainchild of pianists Hugh Sung and SoYoung Lee, the AirTurn wireless page turner removes one of the major difficulties in piano performance – dealing with page turns (Galen mentioned this back in December). They offer a universal wireless device and several choices in pedals as well as a music scanning software that allows for digital annotations on the score.


Composer Rafael Hernandez has been busy coming up with all sorts of goodies both for music educators and composers at his MusicTeacherTools site. His various woodwind fingering fonts (see below) come in very handy when working with extended techniques and how many other composers have actually invented their own card game?


These are only two examples of online entrepreneurs…got any more?

6 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Spirit”
  1. If you’re doing this as a shape expression in any version of Finale since I can remember, just program the line as a metatool and each instance will be unique. That’s how I used to indicate all my multiple repeats (3x, 18x, etc), and still was able to resize or change each instance as I desired without having it impact other instances.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    That may be with the case with older versions of Finale, but I just tried putting in three different custom lines using the smart shape tool (using the latest version of 2009) and it doesn’t change earlier instances, so you should be safe to go to town with as many multiphonic fingerings as you can come up with.

  3. The fonts look terrific.

    In Finale, you may use only one custom line. When you edit it, it changes all instances in the file. What do you do when you want to add a second fingering?

  4. Rob- Holy crap! Thanks for the plug on the fingering fonts and the worlds only harmony game, IV-V-I (nothing like a Shostakovich card to turn those parallel 5ths into bonuses!).

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