Champ pianist Sarah Cahill performing Henry Cowell’s Tiger and Lou Harrison’s Largo Ostinato, from the December 2008 Other Minds “New Music Seance”:


4 thoughts on “A little Friday music”
  1. Hi Adam. It could (& should) be reaching everyone’s ears, if they just pop by here:

    You know how many times I’ve listened to “Pedal Study” and “A Moving Wall”in the car? Somehow it makes great driving music 🙂 …

    Thanks for the info about getting the whole event. And forget about keeping up with the page turns; I’m just glad you escaped getting crushed by one of those forearm clusters!

  2. Thank you Steve — flattered to know some of my music has reached your ears! Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

    Another hint for the public — you can watch the full video of this concert at

    (registration required, but it’s free)

    A search for “Seance 2008” on that site will also bring up video for the other 2 concerts and the panel discussion from that day.

    And you’re right, the kudos do go to Sarah — a great performance of Cowell’s piece. I’m just glad I could keep up with the page turns!

  3. Beautiful performances, Sarah. The thanks go to *you*, for letting this get shared.

    Sure, I know Adam already as a composer; there’s a couple-three of his pieces on my player! Nice to know he’s over there helping with such a great organization.

    (A little hint for the listening/watching public: click on the video itself and it’ll take you to YouTube; on the right you’ll find links to some more of Sarah and this very concert.)

  4. Thanks for posting that video, Steve! The page turner is composer Adam Fong, now associate director of Other Minds, who studied with James Tenney at Cal Arts. It’s too bad that You Tube’s ten-minute limit prohibits showing a broader scope of that memorable concert, a tribute to Ruth Crawford: a sequence of Scriabin, Rudhyar, Cowell, Lou Harrison, and Ruth Crawford herself. And the Swedenborgian Church is a magical place to perform. Thanks again!

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