Greg Saunier is in the indie band Deerhoof, but he’s also a composer of concert music. sfSound commissioned a work from Saunier as part of an upcoming concert centered around György Ligeti‘s Chamber Concerto (Jan. 23 at SF Conservatory).

Apparently, this isn’t the first time sfSound has paid tribute to Ligeti. Last time around, in 2002, they ran afoul of the composer’s representatives. You can read a passel of legalese between Ligeti’s lawyers and the group’s bass clarinetist here. Hopefully this time out, they’ll be allowed to go ahead with what looks to be a fascinating concert and appropriate tribute to one of the late 20th Century’s great works.

Lest you think that Saunier’s gone exclusively longhair, he’s also recently been interested in another “L” artist from the pop world. Here he is with Deerhoof covering Liliput’s song “Hitch-Hike.”


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