To say that there was a bit of discussion on the announcement that eighth blackbird was going to be hosting their first composition competition would be a gross understatement…let’s say that it did not go unnoticed or unheard. To that point, it seems that such discussions can carry some weight, because eighth blackbird has just announced that the competition has been postponed and will be undergoing a re-work:

eighth blackbird announced its new composition competition in early February. The initial response was positive and enthusiastic, but over time aspects of the competition began to attract scrutiny. While some of the negative reactions took us by surprise, we did recognize the legitimacy of much of the criticism.

As a result of the many constructive and informative comments we’ve received, we have decided to postpone the competition.

We remain committed to this venture, and intend to relaunch it by June.  In the meantime, we will continue exploring how to create an event that is accessible, equitable and exciting for all involved. Any works that are currently being written will remain eligible for the relaunched competition, and any application money already submitted will be refunded.

Thank you very much for your patience and support as we determine how best to proceed.

4 thoughts on “8bb competition to be revised”
  1. I hope they can work out a way to find new music to play that makes sense for everyone involved. Composers need good musicians who are capable of playing new music and performers need something new to play – there should be some common ground.

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