For those who think that DG’s days of deluxe packaging are over, one only need check out one of today’s releases, Osvaldo Golijov’s La Pasión segun San Marcos to realize that, given the right project, the imprint is up for going all out. The box includes the debut 2xCD studio recording of a revised edition of the work alongside a handsomely filmed semi-staged version on DVD. (A trailer for the film is below).

Premiered in 2000 (a live recording was released by Haenssler), La Pasión is an ebulliently eclectic composition. Golijov blends a number of styles: Latin American, Afro-Cuban, and postmodern contemporary classical. Catholic iconography, liturgical dance, and Yoruba rituals all play a role in the work’s visual and aural melange.


One thought on “Out Today: Osvaldo Golijov’s La Pasión”
  1. I have the older live recording of this work. Is anyone in the position n0w to compare that version and the newer DG studio version? Was there any significant revision?

    (I know that Sofia Gubaidulina revised her Stuttgart Passion Project Saint John Passion between its live world premiere recording under V. Gergiev in ca. 2000 and the second live recording in 2007. Additionally, the earlier recording was in Russian and the second recording, also Haenssler, was in German.)

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