Hi Jerry,

Hope you are well, Happy New Year!

Because of the snow, we’ve set up a 2 for 1 ticket code and private link for your readers to our concert tonight…please feel free to offer it up if you like:


The code is:  2for1

Tonight’s concert, Hallucinations, is at LPR at 8PM (7PM doors) featuring an electro-acoustic remix by Ricardo Romaneiro of John Corigliano’s Three Hallucinations based on his Academy Award-nominated film score to “Altered States,” paired with new works by Du Yun, Gity Razaz, Enrico Chapela, and Ricardo Romaneiro.

John, Ricardo, and Enrico’s works are in surround sound (6.1!!!) and we’ve been having a blast in rehearsals — should be an awesome show. More details here: http://metropolisensemble.org/concerts/2011/hallucinations/

All best,