Hi, All.

We’re giving entrants another day to put in for the Carter ticket giveaway, extending the deadline until tomorrow (Monday).

All we need is your name and a brief (a sentence or two) statement about Carter.

Check back Monday evening for our next giveaway: memorabilia signed by Elliott Carter!

2 thoughts on “Carter Ticket Giveaway deadline extended to Monday”
  1. There is always a certain freshness when I hear a new work by Carter. A tension, but not persistant, then release. The constant sense of playfulness, a “zippiness” (different than, say, Ferneyhough).

  2. Elliott Carter is one of the foremost composers of the century (and he has been composing for almost all of it!). His mature work has been an exploration of rhythmic and harmonic complexity, taking atonal composition far beyond the innovations of serial composition. Carter has been an influence on many contemporary composers.

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