This weekend, Ann Arbor’s University Musical Society is putting on its most ambitious project since I’ve been in town: Philip Glass‘s legendary opera Einstein On The Beach.

The production is directed by Robert Wilson with choreography by Lucinda Childs and includes a stunning cast hand-picked by Mrs. Wilson and Glass for the revival. Performances are this Friday (7 PM), Saturday (7 PM) and Sunday (2 PM) at the downtown Power Center performance space.

Alas, the shows are sold out at this point, but if you are a diehard fan, or just an interested individual in the area, there is always “second-acting” or last-minute availabilities to hope for (I’ve got my fingers crossed!).

For insights on the opera from one of its talented singers, check out Lindsay Kessleman‘s blog, “Inside Einstein on the Beach“.

I hope I can get in for at least some of it and report back on what it is like!

One thought on “Einstein is Coming”
  1. Sold out! …Then the genetically curious may have to try to to catch this new production in Berkeley (late October, tickets on sale now); if not in Brooklyn, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, or Montpellier Languedoc-Rousillon.

    (That should be Messrs, rather than Mrs., Garrett. We’ll look forward to reading your report.)

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