We’re looking for a WordPress genius to help us update Sequenza21 by cleaning out the crawl space and attic, adding some new wiring and plumbing, attaching the garage to the main house, making the family room a more fun place to hang out and talk and to bring in a new Wolf oven and SubZero fridge.  Ok, my recent conversion to home mortageship has addled my brain a bit.  What we want to do is make S21 more social and interactive, clean out the spam and cut down the archives, combine what is now four separate WP instances (main, forum, CD reviews, and calendar) into one unified whole,  maybe reskin add a web commerce capability.  We can pay you something for the initial work and a modest retainer for being on call.  Also, we’ll give you masthead credit and promote the hell out of your next concert or CD.  Send a us a note if you’re interested.