Scott Spiegelberg of Musical Perceptions is a very brave man who obviously doesn’t have enough abuse going on in his life.  (By the way, we should have been number four, not number five.  Scott’s methodology in adding two numbers is whacked–he should have averaged the two numbers for Opera Chic, not added them together.)

And, hey, Teachout doesn’t write that much about music so let’s throw him out of mix, too.  So, let’s see; that makes us number 3. 

Not that we’re competitive or anything.

One Response to “Ranking the Music Blogs”
  1. Averaging would punish those that have a low authority number on an old address. Not that bloggers are competitive or anything. Perhaps next time I will take the larger number, per ACD’s suggestion. I’ll have to research the whole Technorati stats thing before then, so I can heap needed abuse upon me.