Greetings S21ers:

The OgreOgress gang has been having a swell time in Old Bohemia for the past month.  Last night I had the honor of recording John Cage’s Three with the multi-talented and very humorous German-born (and Amsterdam-based) recordist Susanna Borsch at the facilities of the Prague State Opera.

If you’re interested in the recorder I would encourage you to check out Borsch’s activities and be in contact. Of particular note to those in the US of A (apologies to Borat), Susanna’s eclectic new music “girl band” Electra will be in the Massachusetts area to perform Louis Andriessen in July and I am certain further bookings in the USA would be much appreciated.

But, wait, there’s more.  A few days prior I had the distinct honor of protesting George W. Bush and even got on the CBS Evening News (that is me next to Axelrod at the end of the report)…

… and a few weeks before that, I recorded Cage’s Twenty-
with the Prague Winds.

In short, having a wonderful time.  Wish you all were here.

3 Responses to “A Report From Prague”
  1. Trevor Hunter says:

    Susanna is also in the bizarrely amazing Hexnut, which just played at the MATA festival.

  2. Adam Baratz says:

    Mass MOCA/North Adams (where Electra is playing) is in the Boston area in the same sense that Albany is (Albany is actually a slightly shorter drive).

  3. Daniel says:

    “Rounding out Hexnut is the vocalist Stephie Buttrich, known for her fiery use of extended vocal techniques.” So that’s what they call it! Pantera just become more academic.