cb…I hope not! They’re the last thing you need for this nine-part quest.

If you’re coming from a previous clue, you know just what’s up; if you’re clueless, heading here might make things a bit more clear. Either way, good luck! Now my friend, question the third:

Handel’s famous aria “Ombra mai fù” from his opera Serse was written for which of Porpora’s famous students?

And so on to four, just past this door

6 Responses to “Do you have the balls to follow?”
  1. Steve Layton says:

    buddy, my sources say the last clue lies this way:


  2. buddymose says:

    Does anyone have the link for the last question?

  3. zeno says:

    Sacrificium … Dignitas …

    Steve, I’ll leave it to you and Jerry if you want to revive the discussion of British conductor Edward Downes and his wife, and assisted suicide in Switzerland.


  4. zeno says:

    Sacrificium … sounds like an ECM Arvo Part or Zbigniew Preisner album to me.

    (By the way, I never was about to access my free copy of Part’s Symphony #4, last winter. I hope others here were.)

    Back to the Six-part Symposium, with our Symposiarch Steve.

  5. Steve Layton says:

    Keep checking, Tim. Each link in the chain will pop up shortly!

  6. Tim says:

    The contest is certainly intriguing… but when I follow the blog trail back to try to get to the original question, it just doesn’t seem to be there. Other than that big gaping can’t-get-there-from-here chasm, it seems like a great idea.